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We at Defensive Firearms Training located in Auburn, AL,  salute you for considering receiving training in the safe and competent use of a pistol for recreational and defensive purposes. The responsible, safe and proficient use of a pistol is a skill that must be learned and practiced.

At Defensive Firearms Training, we believe that personal safety begins with the individual. Should you be faced with the unfortunate situation of a violent, life threatening encounter, YOU alone must be prepared and able to protect yourself and your loved ones! The police can't protect you when precious seconds count and it takes them minutes to respond. We are not "fear mongers" trying to "scare up business". Quite the contrary; we refer you to our motto and mission statement: To be aware-not afraid. To be prepared-not paranoid. To refuse to be a victim!

Any sane, rational person wants to avoid a violent encounter. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you are faced with an unavoidable violent threat to your life or the lives of your loved ones. We hope and pray this never happens. It is our mission to empower our students with the mindset, skills and training in the use of a firearm that are necessary to prevail should they ever be faced with a life threatening situation. We teach our students not only gun safety, handling and marksmanship skills-we offer courses that teach our students how to defend themselves and their loved ones with a pistol.

Defensive Firearms Training is blessed to have a 42 acre private training facility just a few minutes west of Auburn, AL (see map below). We have an indoor classroom with central heat and air as well as a covered outdoor class area. We have clean, separate restroom facilities for ladies and men. Our range is designed and operated with safety and comfort foremost in mind. The range has a covered shooting area. Large, industrial fans keep a cooling breeze across the shooting area during hot weather. Our equipment and target stands are in first rate condition.

We offer courses that range from the basic beginner level of handgun training such as Comprehensive Basic Pistol, taught by a Certified NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer, to more advanced tactical training such as Concealed Carry I & II and Defensive Handgun I & II. We also teach NRA sanctioned courses. Private instruction is available upon request. We offer instruction for minors with parent or guardian present. Please see the "TRAINING" page for detailed course descriptions and fees.

We guide and advise our students in the selection of the various types of pistols and holster options that will serve them best. We strive to train our students to a level where they are confident in the safe and competent handling of their pistol and chosen gear. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PISTOL TO TAKE ANY OF OUR TRAINING, WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH USE OF ONE (OR MORE) FREE OF CHARGE.

Our instructors are constantly refining and honing their skills to be the best that they can be at teaching our students the latest techniques and tactics in defensive firearms training. They regularly attend advanced training classes taught by some of the most respected schools and instructors in the firearms training arena. They stay abreast of the latest articles, videos and training methods and modalities in this continually evolving field of defensive firearms training.

Please look over our course offerings and descriptions to see what all we offer. Feel free to call or email with any questions you may have and we promise a prompt response. Communication with our prospective and current students is very important to us. Our goal is to provide a safe, stress free, enjoyable environment for you to learn and progress in your quest to advance your firearms skills. This is not just a job to us at Defensive Firearms Training-it's a passion and an adventure!

Tom Cordi, Founder & Head Instructor

"When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe." LUKE 11:21

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